USAT's age group rules mean that you will compete in the age group which corresponds to your age on December 31, 2019, NOT your age on race day (Unless you already had a birthday this year. Confusing, we know. Also, Happy Birthday). Some time before sunrise on race day, the body markers will ask you what your age will be at the end of the year. You won't know at first, but when the guy behind you starts honking, you'll figure it out. Once you decide on a realistic number, we will place that number on the back of your leg in permanent black marker. By permanent, we mean it will stay on your leg long enough to be considered an 'identifying mark' by the authorities, should you be involved in a crime involving shorts-wearing. We do race numbers on your arms too, because Suns Out=Guns Out. You're welcome.

This is a pool swim in an actual swimming pool. Swimmers will be seeded according to swim time, fastest to slowest. This means the FAST people go FIRST, and the NOT SO FAST people DO NOT GO FIRST. On your entry form, please indicate an accurate 300 meter swim time. Accurate, as in 'realistic'. If you do not turn in an accurate time, and you are NOT SO FAST, you will be stuck in the middle of the FAST people, in a pool that does not have a lot of room for people to apologize for not turning in an accurate time. Also, athletes not swimming within one minute of their seed time will be mocked incessantly until the end of linear time. If you get scared and do not enter a swim time, you will be placed at the END of the seeded athletes, possibly at an entirely different event. You DO have the option of changing your swim time up until 3 PM on June 13th. Of THIS YEAR. If this is you, E-mail the Race Director, tell him your name, apologize for making him do extra stuff, compliment him on his legendary unicycling abilities, and tell him the time you wish to enter. ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 13th. NONE. AT ALL. Please Note: Anyone who registers after June 18th will not receive a swim start time - they will be seeded at the end REGARDLESS of estimated swim time. It's better this way. Trust us.

We cannot stress enough the importance of entering an accurate swim time, but we are going to try. This is important. Body Glide on inner thighs-imortant. Nipple tape important. Put-your-numbers-on-your-bike-and-helmet-BEFORE-showing-up-for-the-race important. Entering an inaccurate time turns the pool into Hwy 290 at 7:30 am on a Monday; the exception being that everyone will know that YOU are the reason traffic isn't moving. For the love of all that is Holy, go to a pool that you know the actual length of BEFORE you enter the race, bring a watch, and TIME YOURSELF. 300 METERS, NOT 300 Yards. There is a SLIGHT difference between a Yard and a Meter. That slight difference is enough to jack with your swim time and turn you into an instant pariah, so remember : To convert a Yard swim time to Meters, multiply the Yard time by 1.1. GO HERE and do it. We will be providing letters, in a beautiful shade of scarlet, to be worn on the race kits of those who choose to ignore our advice.


Age Groups 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 +

Weight Groups

Clydesdales : Men 200+ lbs., Athenas : Women 150+ lbs.

Men, Women, Mixed

Limited to 400 participants & Relays - race usually fills one month in advance, so pull the trigger already and sign up.

• Awards will be presented to the awesomest Open and Masters category males and females
• Age and Weight Groups will be presented three deep.
• Winning Relays will receive awards.
• Overall Male & Female
• Top 3 Males & Females 39 & Under
• Top 3 Males & Females 40 & Over
• This race will be chip timed
and results will be posted as soon as possible after the race. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Chill, bro. We'll get them out as soon as we can.

General Entry
$50.00 through April 14th • $60 : 4/15-5/12 • $70 : 5/13-6/19
$80.00 at Packet Pickup*

$80.00 through April 14th • $90 : 4/15-5/12 • $100 : 5/13-6/19
$110.00 at Packet Pickup* That's some serious scratch, so don't delay.

* Online Registration closes at 4:45PM on June 22nd. Online ONLY. No checks or cash at packet pickup. Registration will be available at Packet Pickup (must be completed online), if entries have not reached capacity - but it CLOSES at 4:45pm when mom turns off the Wi-Fi.

• 4 AM : Time to make the donuts
• 5 AM
: Parking begins
• 5:30
: Transition opens
• 6:30
: Transition closes
• 6:45
: Pre-Race Announcements/Anthem
• 7:00
: Race begins
• 9:30
: Awards
• 1:30 : So. Much. Yawning.
• 2 PM : I'm out.
• 4 PM : Bust out that tank top and head to the Kroger.

All participants will receive a commemorative race T-shirt that will totally make you look sexy, along with some random fancy finisher item.

This year's event will feature post-race refreshments, music, and bragging and/or excuse-making. Meet your friends and other sweaty humans at the pavilion for some war stories...

Mary Jo Peckham Park 5597 Gardenia Katy, TX 77493. Take IH-10 West and exit at Pin Oak in Katy (you will see Katy Mills to your left across IH-10). Turn right, drive to the stoplight, and turn left. At the next stoplight, turn right on Avenue D. Drive about one mile to Gardenia Lane and turn right. Star volunteers will provide parking instructions. Follow them. Get there early - parking goes fast !

This is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event and membership is required to participate. Note : USAT annual memberships will not be available at packet pickup (see USAT website for info on annual memberships).

Dates & locations for packet pickup are listed below.

IMPORTANT : USAT rules require that you show a photo ID to pick up your packet. Friends or family members CANNOT pick up your packet for you.

•Online registration is open until 4:45pm on Saturday June 22•

There are a number of lodging opportunities along I-10.

Best Western Katy Inn & Suites in Katy
Phone : (281) 395-6200
2006 Katy Mills Blvd., Katy, TX 77494

Springhill Suites by Marriott Houston Katy Mills in Katy
Phone : (281) 644-4455
2501 Texmati Dr., Katy, TX 77494
Hilton Garden Inn Houston West Katy in Katy
Phone : (281) 644-2400
2409 Texmati Dr., Katy, TX 77494

Comfort Suites in Katy
Phone : (281) 644-6100
25115 Katy Frwy (I 10), Katy, TX 77494 (Suburban)

Friday, June 21st - 4pm – 7pm• Bike Barn 5339 Weslayan Houston TX 77005
Saturday June 22nd 12pm – 6pm •Peckham Park Pool (Race Site) - 12pm - 5pm

We will be hosting a 'First Timer's' Clinic for all you shiny new triathletes who have no idea what you're doing; or for those of you who just want to brush up on the fundamentals. The clinic will be held Saturday, June 15, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at Peckham Pool, in Katy (The race pool. Of course.). The clinic is being hosted by Race Director Dave Rainey, and is being presented by the superstars of the Katy Triathlon Club. We'll be swimming in the actual pool used for the race (Pro Tip : TIME YOURSELF), and should have the opportunity to run through the run course and at least fantasize about the bike course (No after party. Sorry). Bring ALL your race detritus with you, same as you would on race day. Makes for excellent practice.

The clinic will be broken into half-hour sessions, covering the swim, the bike, the run, and transition. To register, please eMail Dave.

While we know that the AWESOME selfie you take of you and your bitchin' bike before the race will break the internet and redefine Insta, we are still going to ask some people with fancy cameras to show up and take actual grownup pictures of you. Please buy them when they become available, even if they only give you a few hundred to choose from. Because screenshots are so 2017. Also - just for you - we have FREE photos available this year; CLICK HERE to access theme. You're welcome.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED : If you are A) Awesome, and B) available to VOLUNTEER to assist in the production of this fine event, then you should C) CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to email the Race Director and state your intent to VOLUNTEER to be a VOLUNTEER for this event. As a VOLUNTEER. While we cannot confirm that VOLUNTEERS will be rewarded handsomely through some Karmic event in the near or distant future, we are pretty sure that VOLUNTEERS are among the sexiest beasts on the planet, will most definitely receive a cool t-shirt FREE OF CHARGE, and are almost always allowed to cut to the front of the beer line at the post-race party. Which you will already be at. If you are a VOLUNTEER.

As always, thanks to the two gentelmen that make this race possible year after year : Jeff Trevino and Brede Klefos. They are both actual dudes, who both abide, and they are both pretty cool. Most days.

And, again.